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Access Resources to Advance Your Technical Skills

Big Data has officially arrived, and it’s changing the way business works, including actuarial science, wrote David Zornek, an actuarial consultant at Oliver Wyman, in the most recent issue of the Actuarial Review. Zornek, who is also a candidate representative to the CAS Candidate Liaison Committee, highlighted a variety of resources that actuaries can use … Read more »

What are Your Highlights from the CAS Centennial Celebration and Annual Meeting?

As the CAS moves forward in its Centennial year to address the many challenges that lie ahead, I want to take a moment to reflect on the kick-off to the year – the Centennial Celebration and Annual Meeting held last month in New York City. The Centennial Committees who put together the event did a … Read more »

A Successful Year for the Continuing Education Review

The Continuing Education Compliance Committee (CECC) has completed the 2014 Continuing Education review and is happy to report that all members selected for review either met or exceeded the requirements! This year, about 1% of membership was randomly selected for review, which is about 70 members.  The members of the Executive Council and Board of … Read more »

Have You Completed Your Continuing Education Requirements for 2013?

With 2013 already half way over it’s important to remember to complete your continuing education (CE) requirements. There are multiple ways to earn CE credits through the CAS. Listed below are a variety of CE opportunities that the CAS is offering to facilitate the professional development and career advancement of its members:  Attend upcoming CAS … Read more »

Learn Interact and Grow at ICA 2014

Registration is open for ICA 2014, the 30th International Congress of Actuaries, a premier continuing education event of the International Actuarial Association (IAA) with a program that contains topics and sessions for actuaries of every specialty.  The Congress will be held 30 March through 4 April 2014 and is being hosted and organized in Washington, D.C., … Read more »

What is Relevant Continuing Education?

This is the third blog post in a series of posts by the Continuing Education Compliance Committee (CECC) in which we discuss some of the areas of confusion with the CAS Continuing Education (CE) Policy. This article discusses what constitutes continuing education and provides some practical examples. Background The CAS requires all its members providing … Read more »

How to Document Your Continuing Education

This is the second blog post in a series of posts discussing some of the areas of confusion with the CAS Continuing Education (CE) Policy. Documentation The CAS requires all members providing actuarial services to document compliance with CE requirements. It’s not enough to simply meet the requirements; CAS members should also maintain a log … Read more »

Comparison of US Standard and Alternative Compliance – Two Facets of the CAS Continuing Education Policy

Audit Process The Continuing Education Compliance Committee (CECC), a small group of volunteers, was charged with auditing the 2011 Continuing Education (CE) logs for a sample of members as well as the CAS Executive Council and elected Board members.  Through the process the CECC learned a lot and will share results and observations both through … Read more »