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Have You Completed Your Continuing Education Requirements for 2013?

With 2013 already half way over it’s important to remember to complete your continuing education (CE) requirements. There are multiple ways to earn CE credits through the CAS. Listed below are a variety of CE opportunities that the CAS is offering to facilitate the professional development and career advancement of its members:  Attend upcoming CAS … Read more »

Enhancing Communications with CAS Members

As the CAS Vice President-Marketing and Communications, my duties include evaluating the effectiveness of CAS communications with members and improving our efforts to communicate where necessary. Last year, the CAS Executive Council identified several areas of potential improvement as we considered input on how well we are communicating from the Task Force on Improving Communications … Read more »

CAS Webinars: The Solution to Your New Year’s Resolution

If your 2012 New Year’s resolutions include investing more time in your continuing education, I have the perfect solution for you: CAS Webinars. What’s a Webinar? Webinar is short for Web-based Seminar. It’s a 90-minute educational session that you can take part in remotely using your telephone and web browser. And just like our in-person … Read more »