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Social Media Discussions: My Views

Since assuming a leadership position within the CAS, I have tried to stay current on conversations about actuarial issues taking place within social media channels. As I’ve followed the conversations over the past few weeks, I’ve made note of a few issues on which I would like to share my views through the CAS’s own … Read more »

Enhancing Communications with CAS Members

As the CAS Vice President-Marketing and Communications, my duties include evaluating the effectiveness of CAS communications with members and improving our efforts to communicate where necessary. Last year, the CAS Executive Council identified several areas of potential improvement as we considered input on how well we are communicating from the Task Force on Improving Communications … Read more »

Effective Communication

Welcome to the CAS Blog!  We hope that this blog will become a regular part of our communications between the CAS leadership and members, allowing for timely feedback in both directions.  As such, it is appropriate that the subject of this first blog post is communications. For the CAS or any membership organization to provide … Read more »