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About Ralph Blanchard

Ralph S. Blanchard III is the current President of the CAS and a Vice President and Actuary for The Travelers Companies, Inc. in Hartford, Connecticut. Ralph earned his Fellowship in the CAS in 1983. Prior to serving as President and President-Elect, Ralph served a two-year term on the Executive Council as Vice President-International from 2007-2009. In addition to his past service on numerous committees, Ralph fulfilled a three-year term on the CAS Board of Directors from 2000-2003 and on the American Academy of Actuaries Board of Directors for the same years. Ralph has been recognized twice for his volunteer service to the CAS, receiving the organization’s Above and Beyond Achievement Award for volunteerism in 2004 and 2007. He earned a B.A. in Mathematics from Dartmouth College.

Incoming SOA President Proposes Consolidation of U.S.-Based Actuarial Organizations

Brad Smith, in his inaugural speech as President of the Society of Actuaries, called for the Society of Actuaries (SOA), Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), and American Academy of Actuaries (Academy) to consolidate, stating, “There is absolutely no need for three separate professional organizations…to exist. They need to consolidate into one efficient, effective organization.” Mr. Smith … Read more »

CAS Modifies Its Proposed CERA Requirements

There have been recent developments regarding the CAS application for CERA award signatory status that warrant an announcement to CAS members at this time. As background, in 2009 the CAS joined 13 other actuarial organizations across the globe in signing a treaty to establish a new enterprise risk management (ERM) designation.  The credential CERA, or … Read more »

Transparency and the Discipline Process

Several people have opined that transparency is a bigger issue than multiple hearings and efficiency for the CAS discipline process.  I couldn’t agree more.  So why are we tackling the multiple hearing and efficiency issues first?  Because a proposal came out earlier that addressed the multiple hearings and efficiency issues in a way that would … Read more »

Effective Communication

Welcome to the CAS Blog!  We hope that this blog will become a regular part of our communications between the CAS leadership and members, allowing for timely feedback in both directions.  As such, it is appropriate that the subject of this first blog post is communications. For the CAS or any membership organization to provide … Read more »