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About Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth A. Smith is a 21-year veteran of the CAS. She is the manager of publications and managing editor for Actuarial Review.

AR Through The Years: An Editor’s Perspective

When the CAS hired me back in June 1997, I was prepared to take on Actuarial Review. I had years of experience working on a weekly publication as well as a decent stretch on a monthly tabloid with advertising. AR was a quarterly and, at the time, it seemed like a welcome respite. The Actuarial … Read more »

Three Modern-World Risks That Will Invigorate the P&C Insurance Industry

It’s an exciting time to be a property and casualty actuary. More and more new technologies are emerging, creating an ever-changing landscape in the insurance industry. A feature story in the latest issue of the Actuarial Review, “The Risks Around the Corner,” explains the effects that evolving technology has on the insurance industry and the … Read more »

What Are Your Top Actuarial Stories of 2013?

With 2014 just around the corner, the CAS wants to know which stories you think made the greatest impact on the actuarial profession in 2013. The stories you choose are totally up to you, and can range from national and international news to CAS news stories. Some of the stories of 2013 are: West, Texas … Read more »

Post A Work Related Problem, Question, Or Solution In The New Actuarial Review Advice Column

We need your input for a new Actuarial Review column called, “Problem Solved.” This actuarial advice column will feature problems CAS members face while on the job, and how they solve them. “Problems Solved” will also allow members to send work related problems to the Actuarial Review, so others can read them and offer advice. … Read more »

Share News of Your Career Advancements in the Actuarial Review

Do you have a new job or a promotion? Have you presented at an event for an organization outside of CAS? Have you been appointed to a corporate or non-profit board of directors? We want to know! Future issues of the Actuarial Review will feature a new column called “Comings and Goings” that will share … Read more »

The Actuarial Review Is Getting A Makeover And Needs Your Participation In A Quick Online Survey

When finished reading this blog post, please take the Actuarial Review online readers survey. After 43 years as a printed newsletter the Actuarial Review is evolving into a new magazine design layout. The Actuarial Review will still contain the same great educational and interesting columns and content as before, but it will also include new items. … Read more »

Rank Your Top Actuarial Stories of 2012

In our last post, we asked for your input on the top actuarial stories of 2012. We appreciate the many suggestions of those stories you thought had the greatest impact on the actuarial profession over the last year. We compiled the suggestions and developed a survey to identify the top ten actuarial stories of 2012. … Read more »

What are the Top Actuarial Stories of 2012?

The CAS wants to know the stories you think made the greatest impact on the actuarial profession in 2012. Some stories are fairly obvious but we want you to dig deep into the year for those stories that may have been overshadowed. Please leave a comment on this blog post telling us your top story … Read more »