The Actuarial Review Is Getting A Makeover And Needs Your Participation In A Quick Online Survey

AR coverWhen finished reading this blog post, please take the Actuarial Review online readers survey. After 43 years as a printed newsletter the Actuarial Review is evolving into a new magazine design layout. The Actuarial Review will still contain the same great educational and interesting columns and content as before, but it will also include new items.

– Some ideas under development are new columns such as:

  • Problem Solved – an actuarial work advice column
  • Get Ahead! – a column on advancing your career
  • Coming and Goings – CAS members’ employment news
  • The Volunteer Experience – what it’s like to volunteer and how it enhances your work and everyday life

– Some highlights of the new design will include:

  • The Cover: The new AR cover will change with each issue and highlight a feature story within the magazine.
  • Color: AR is changing from a two-color to a four-color publication, making each turn of the page more captivating with colorful pictures and text.
  • Interior Layout: AR’s interior pages will have a cleaner and more streamlined appearance. Now, the content will not only be intellectually stimulating but visually appealing as well.

As we redesign the Actuarial Review we want to know what you like about the current newsletter and any aspects you wish us to improve upon.  We invite you to provide input by completing a short online survey about the Actuarial Review.

Also, if you’re interested in writing or providing content for the new AR magazine please contact Bob Searson at We welcome all of your comments and suggestions for the AR and look forward to receiving your feedback.

In addition, to completing the survey, feel free to leave a comment about the Actuarial Review below.


About Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth A. Smith is a 21-year veteran of the CAS. She is the manager of publications and managing editor for Actuarial Review.

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  1. avatar Pat Teufel says:

    I love what is being planned for The Actuarial Review! I am looking forward to a more colorful version of this publication, and can’t wait to see the new columns — especially Comings and Goings. Will you be using the updates on the membership database for this material or will you rely on members to provide the updates?

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