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Terry J. Alfuth, FCAS, is a member of the CAS Risk Management Committee. He owns his own consulting firm, Actuarial Property & Casualty Consulting LLC located in Palm Beach, FL.

Challenges to the Casualty Actuarial Profession 2018

In previous years I’ve posted about some of the challenges facing the property and casualty actuarial profession. In 2018 we are facing a new, unique set of challenges, and I invite your thoughts on a few relevant topics: Big Data Recently, actuaries have been inundated with the availability of big data. We now have the … Read more »

Challenges to the Casualty Actuarial Profession 2016

IoT is not the same as lol (Internet of things, laugh out loud). The open internet, cloud computing, and the vast freedoms enhanced with mobile technology are already here. These present new risks for the actuarial community to become engaged. Cyber risk is not the nascent concept assumed years ago. It is here today and … Read more »

Considerations for the Casualty Actuarial Profession in 2015

Thanks to all who posted comments about challenges over the last year. For review of the many responses that showed up on the CAS website I recommend you view the CAS Risk Management Committee’s (RMC) two previous blog posts: Challenges to the Actuarial Profession in 2014 and Threats to the Actuarial Profession (written in 2012). … Read more »

Challenges to the Actuarial Profession in 2014

It has been quite a year for our profession. This year is even more promising as we turn 100 years old. CAS President, Wayne Fisher, mentioned in the January Actuarial Review that we are in an environment of change, so, there must be a vast amount of interesting things going on right now that maybe only … Read more »

Threats to the Actuarial Profession

The CAS Risk Management Committee (RMC) is charged with: looking at known risks that affect the actuarial profession and the CAS, and making recommendations to the CAS Board as to which are important and what can be done about them. While the RMC’s focus has been on known risks, as practicing professional actuaries we also … Read more »