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Belonging Is an Outcome: The CAS Student Central Summer Program

CAS member Dalesa Bady, ACAS, shared her experience volunteering last year as a CAS Student Central Summer Program mentor in a post originally published on the Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc blog. The CAS has been granted permission to reprint her story to provide a glimpse into a meaningful volunteering opportunity available to CAS members this … Read more »

CAS Women’s History Month- Profiling Marcela Granados

Marcela Granados, FCAS, CSPA, has been a long-time supporter of the actuarial profession. She started her actuarial career within the insurance industry, then moved to consulting before finally joining Databricks, a data and AI company, as their global head of insurance. Marcela was raised in Mexico City, but she was born in the United States … Read more »

Black History Month – Highlighting CAS Community Voices

February is National Black History Month – a month honoring the contributions and legacy of Black people throughout U.S. history. To celebrate, the CAS ran the BHMxCAS campaign, sharing special features and stories on our LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms using the hashtag #BHMxCAS. Below we are sharing some highlights from three Black History … Read more »