Actuaries in Tech Feature: Aaron Wright

Interview with Aaron Wright, FCAS, director of strategy, Earnix.

What is your current role? 

I am the director of strategy at Earnix, the premier provider of mission-critical solutions that transform how global insurers are run.  Utilizing my insurance expertise, I set company strategy and work with global insurance companies to modernize their insurance technology stack.  

How does your actuarial background help you succeed in this role? 

Prior to joining Earnix, I worked as an executive at USAA and gained experience both working and leading teams in the areas of pricing, underwriting, state management, catastrophe management and data science.  I have seen things work well and know where typical inefficiencies are.  I utilize this understanding to help Earnix build a successful product that revolutionizes how insurance companies manage their critical operations.  Additionally, the communication skills I learned as an actuary, to describe complex topics to people from a variety of backgrounds, translates well into my tech role. 

How is technology revolutionizing insurance? 

Data storage and computing power has evolved to the point that utilizing vast amounts of data is not cost prohibitive.  Advanced analytics and intelligent insurance operations can provide personalized products which deliver value to customers in ways that never used to be possible.  Technology also allows business decision makers to implement innovative changes directly into production, while still enjoying strict governance and controls.  All of this means that analytically minded business people, such as actuaries, are able to provide greater value and focus on what they do best. 

What is the best part of being an actuary working in technology? 

I love being able to directly have a positive influence on an insurance company.  At Earnix, I make that happen repeatedly. I am able to meet with business leaders and actuaries from all over the world to discuss their needs.  Working for a technology company has not only broadened my horizons but also allows me to influence the industry for good on a global scale.   

What advice would you give an actuary considering a technology role? 

The skills and insurance knowledge you gain as an actuary can translate very well outside of the insurance industry.  Don’t feel stuck in the traditional roles, but instead help employers see how your knowledge and skills translate to provide value for them.  While preparing for this future role, focus on both technical and soft skills.  Both have broad application.