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Video: What Advice Would You Give to Yourself as a Young Actuary?

Pursuing a career as an actuary is a challenging and rewarding road, requiring a commitment to passing a rigorous set of examinations to achieve CAS credentials while working full-time. After years of experience in the profession, members may reflect upon the advice that they wish they were given during the early stages of their career. … Read more »

An Impressive First Year for CAS Student Central

The University Engagement Committee has had an extremely busy year in 2014. Since the launch of the CAS Student Central membership program for college and university students last January, the program has attracted nearly 1,300 student members. These students hail from 275 colleges and universities around the United States, Canada, and outside of North America. … Read more »

CAS Academic Central Begins Anew

As you know, the CAS University Engagement Committee has been making tremendous efforts to enhance and reinvigorate our relationship with the academic community. This increasing level of engagement will be critical going forward, from many perspectives: Marketing the CAS and the casualty actuarial profession to university students; Providing advice and resources to universities and faculty … Read more »