An Impressive First Year for CAS Student Central

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The University Engagement Committee has had an extremely busy year in 2014. Since the launch of the CAS Student Central membership program for college and university students last January, the program has attracted nearly 1,300 student members. These students hail from 275 colleges and universities around the United States, Canada, and outside of North America. The impressive growth of the program can be attributed to the dedicated work of the University Engagement Committee (UEC), University Liaisons, CAS staff, and support from CAS leadership.

Over the past year, the CAS Student Central Working Group worked with the CAS staff and an outside consulting firm, The Yu Crew, to collaborate on creative marketing and promotion for the program. The leading promotional piece is the CAS Student Central Infographic, which was recently honored with a bronze in Association TRENDS’ 2014 All-Media Contest. The infographic showcases the CAS’s rich history, credentialing benefits and the resources that the organization can offer university students. It is available to view or download on the CAS Student Central website.

The CAS Student Central website is the home base for the program and houses many of the resources that have been developed by the University Engagement Committee. Approximately half of the website is open to the public and provides information about the CAS, actuarial exams, the property and casualty field, and even a listing of companies with actuarial internship opportunities. The other portion of the website contains study tools and career resources that are available exclusively to student members, such as the CAS Curriculum Guide and property and casualty case study recordings. In addition, the exclusive online community allows members to stay connected and offers a blog that shares insights, tips and perspectives from practicing casualty actuaries, university professors, students, and others.  Members are also invited to networking events and student focused webinars, and to date, 150 university students have attended student programs at CAS meetings and seminars where they have been able to learn more about the CAS and network with current CAS members.

The CAS University Liaisons have taken a leadership role in recruiting students to join the program. The 400 members of the CAS who are working directly with students and academics at universities around the world have fueled the program’s growth. The value of the University Liaisons’ influence was most recently exemplified at Ball State University, where more than 40 students joined CAS Student Central following a presentation given by University Liaisons.

Reflecting back on the incredible success of CAS Student Central during its first year, I am confident that 2015 will have great things in store for the program. The working group will be considering a variety of creative methods to promote the program while developing new ideas for benefits of membership.

What are your suggestions for promoting CAS Student Central to university students and academics, or ideas for new benefits and services for the members? Please post your ideas in the comments section below.


About Elizabeth Merritt

Elizabeth Merritt chairs the CAS Student Central Working Group, within the University Engagement Committee. She is an AVP and actuary in business insights at Zurich North America.

4 Responses to An Impressive First Year for CAS Student Central

  1. avatar Joanne Spalla says:

    Congratulations to the University Engagement Committee and Staff on a job well done!

  2. avatar Fan Fei Chong says:

    Thank you so much for the great work! I was a participant of the student program of RPM 2014 and benefited greatly from it. You all have done a great job in facilitating face-to-face networking! Thank you for making great conferences like this available to the students.

    However, the online discussion forum seems to be less than an ideal place for networking. I see a whole lot of people posting and introducing themselves to the group, but I am not sure if it would be the most effective way to interact with each other. It also seems to be a duplicate from the Linkedin Student Central group. Maybe we can ask students how we may better help them make the first step to connect with a working actuary? Just my two cents.

    Keep up the good work in 2015!

  3. avatar Pat Teufel says:

    Congratulations on a great year for University Engagement! The energy is really motivating! BUT, our work is not done. Is it too unrealistic a goal that each university liaison have at least ten students from that university signed up for student central, and to have all faculty (particularly those teaching actuarial science courses) from that university signed up for Academic Central? Fan, very much appreciate your comments and thought on the discussion forums. We are trying multiple platforms to see which students will gravitate to (for REAL dialogue!).

  4. avatar Alice Chambers says:

    Hi Fan Fei,

    Thanks for your comment! The University Engagement Committee is always working to expand and improve the resources on CAS Student Central, and greatly appreciates feedback from our student members. The Committee will be sure to consider your feedback as their work continues in 2015!

    Alice Chambers
    CAS Marketing and Communications Coordinator

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