Mango Talks Professionalism [Podcast]

Podcasts are the most effective educational innovation since the printing press.

That’s big talk! Formal learning channels teach you a lot but nothing matches the power of a good conversation for realizing the deepest insights. How many of us are fortunate enough to spend time with superstars? Podcasts are full of awesome people in exactly the domains you care about, being interviewed by insiders and experts. And all this as you commute to work, walk your dog, shovel your driveway or mow the lawn. It’s a masterclass during dead time!

I started the Not Unreasonable Podcast because even after ten years of searching and listening I never found exactly the show I was looking for. I want to know what the leaders in analytics, management, sales, entrepreneurship, economics, insurance and reinsurance have to say. What have their challenges been, how did it feel when they failed and succeeded? My guests so far include Don Mango (two-time CAS board member and ERM researcher), Bart Hedges (actuary and former CEO of Greenlight Re), Joe Taranto (actuary and former CEO of Everest), Paul Ingrey (founder of Pru Re/Everest Re, F&G Re and Arch Re) and more.

Last November I introduced myself to another actuary at a conference and pitched the show. He told me he’d never listen to a podcast unless it gave him CE credits. I thought this was a fantastic idea so I did an entire show with Don Mango on professionalism (iTunesStitchermp3youtube). In that show we discuss case studies in real world moral dilemmas inspired from insurance and other financial fields while explicitly applying the precepts of the actuarial code of conduct. CAS members must of course decide for themselves what qualifies for credit, but I think it will be the most enjoyable and informative professionalism hour you’ve ever earned.

A show dedicated to the precepts of the code was an exception to the usual Not Unreasonable programming but if you like the idea of satisfying CE by podcast you can go to and sign up for a mailing list to hear more about a dedicated launch of professionalism content later this year.

I truly believe most of the most valuable knowledge in my head comes from podcasts. There’s no better way to get better.

The best way to listen to podcasts is on your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you can see the Not Unreasonable Podcast using this iTunes link. A popular cross-platform app is Stitcher. Other podcast apps will use this link to the rss feed. And we have a youtube channel!


About David Wright

David Wright is an actuary and managing director of Beach, a global reinsurance intermediary.

2 Responses to Mango Talks Professionalism [Podcast]

  1. avatar Brian Fannin says:

    “He told me he’d never listen to a podcast unless it gave him CE credits”. Wow. Meanwhile, data scientists (and this actuary) are flocking to shows like Not So Standard Deviations, where they don’t get any CE at all!

    I’ve got a long drive in a couple days. I’ll be checking out Not Unreasonable on my way.

  2. avatar Morgan Bugbee says:

    Also tune into Linear Digressions and This Week in Machine Learning and AI. These shows have a nice regular (weekly or more often) cadences.

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