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CAS Research Review Q&A: Analysis of The Current Saudi Arabian No-Claim Discount System

As part of our CAS Research Review series, the CAS is highlighting important papers and articles you may have missed! Here we speak with Asrar Alyafie, Corina Constantinescu and Jorge Yslas, authors of An Analysis of the Current Saudi Arabian No-Claim Discount System and Its Adaptability For Novice Women Drivers in the latest CAS E-Forum. … Read more »

CAS Research Review Q&A: Catastrophe Models for Wildfire Mitigation

As part of our CAS Research Review series, the CAS is highlighting important papers and articles you may have missed! Here we speak with Milliman consulting actuaries Nancy Watkins, FCAS, and Peggy Brinkmann, FCAS, CSPA, two of the authors of Catastrophe Models for Wildfire Mitigation: Quantifying Credits and Benefits to Homeowners and Communities.  CAS: What … Read more »

Competitions Cultivate New Generation of P&C Actuaries in China

By Ran Guo, FCAS, CAS Country Manager, China Originally published in the July-August Actuarial Review China currently represents the largest international market for CAS exams outside of North America. From 2016 to 2021, the CAS offered nearly 2,400 of its exams in China. The CAS also already has over 200 FCAS and ACAS members in … Read more »

President’s Message By Kathy Antonello, FCAS

Voting — It Is Your Responsibility    It is election time for the CAS — an important time of the year when we have the power to elect the directors who will determine the future of our organization. This is a fundamental privilege for our voting members.  Each year, dedicated individuals step up to participate in … Read more »

Eliminating the Penalty for Incorrect Responses

Eliminating the Penalty for Incorrect Responses Authored by: Carrie Cross, CAS, Chad Buckendahl & Susan Davis-Becker, ACS Ventures, LLC One of the concerns about multiple choice questions is that candidates can randomly guess and get a correct response. Although true in theory, well-constructed multiple choice questions include a correct response and alternative response options, often … Read more »

Be An Actuary Month: A Shining Example of Staff, Volunteer and Partner Collaboration 

Originally featured in the March-April 2022 issue of AR  Interview with CAS President, Kathy Antonello  This interview is focused on one, action-packed month, but members should know that our efforts to reach students and career changers has been a long-term, multi-year project. The CAS is fortunate to have vital programs in place to promote the … Read more »

National Volunteer Week – Why I Volunteer for the CAS

As a member of the CAS (Casualty Actuarial Society) for over 20 years, during National Volunteer Week, I am thinking of how the success of our organization depends greatly on the thousands of volunteers (and members of the CAS staff) that contribute to the CAS. For the past 10 years, I have been volunteering on … Read more »

CAS & NAWA Highlight Two Inspiring Female Actuaries

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March, the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Network of Actuarial Women and Allies interviewed Julie Joyce, FCAS, senior vice president and chief corporate actuary at Travelers and Janet Lindstrom, FCAS, executive vice president and chief transformation officer for Arch Insurance North America. Thank you, Julie, and Janet, for … Read more »

Unboxing Hierarchical Compartmental Reserving Models

  Why you should read the CAS research paper Markus Gesmann and Jake Morris are delighted to present “Hierarchical Compartmental Reserving Models”, which was published as part of the CAS research papers series in 2020. The paper demonstrates how one can describe the dynamics of claims processes with differential equations and probability distributions. All of … Read more »

An Actuary and an Epidemiologist Walk into a Bar 

Actuaries and epidemiologists share a lot in common. Both use advanced mathematical tools to study human behavior, investigate patterns, and manage risks. The medical profession has long utilized epidemiological models to understand the dynamics of epidemics and to project the trends, preparing for the allocation of medical resources and developing public health policies. Similar goals … Read more »