National Volunteer Week – Why I Volunteer for the CAS

As a member of the CAS (Casualty Actuarial Society) for over 20 years, during National Volunteer Week, I am thinking of how the success of our organization depends greatly on the thousands of volunteers (and members of the CAS staff) that contribute to the CAS. For the past 10 years, I have been volunteering on a consistent basis. Most of my recent volunteering has been related to two committees: the Crash Course Seminar Task Force and the Volunteer Resources Task Force. These committees both offer unique opportunities to provide behind-the-scenes support to the CAS and are also small enough that I can get to know everyone who volunteers with me.  

What I enjoy most about volunteering with the CAS is the opportunity to meet colleagues from other companies.  Through these volunteering opportunities, I’ve had the privilege of forming friendships with other talented actuaries. I consider it a bonus to further expand my professional network and interact with even more actuaries who are enthusiastic about the work we do each day.  Overall, volunteering for the CAS has enhanced my career by broadening my perspective as an actuary and allowing me to give back to the CAS, an organization that is foundational to our profession.  If you aren’t currently volunteering, I strongly encourage you to look for an opportunity to get involved and to visit the CAS volunteer page for more information. 

by Paul Anderson 

Volunteer Chairperson, Crash Course Seminar Task Force 

Member, Volunteer Resources Task Force