Every Year is an Election Year at the CAS!

The United States presidential election is upon us. As an actuary, I find statistics interesting and recently read that voter turnout rates for U.S. presidential elections has been between 50-60 percent over the past decade. In comparison, here at the CAS, only around one-third of all eligible voters cast a ballot when CAS election season rolls around. While we may not have the personalities running for the CAS Board that are running for the U.S. President, I am hopeful that our organization can match the energy of the U.S. election and channel it into a stronger turn-out for this year’s CAS election!


The Importance of Voting

This is undoubtedly an exciting time for the CAS, having recently surpassed the 7,000 member mark and with increasing numbers of candidates and university students in the CAS pipeline. And we are in the process of launching The CAS Institute, which will expand our reach even further in areas like predictive analytics and catastrophe modeling. Member engagement has made our growth possible and continues to be a cornerstone of the organization, which makes YOUR voice an important one to be heard in this election. Help the CAS to choose leaders who will secure the future of our profession for the generations to follow.

As we expand into new frontiers and begin to navigate unknown waters, your voice matters now more than ever. This election presents a unique opportunity to leave your mark.

 How to Vote

In response to member feedback, the CAS streamlined the voting experience over the past few years.  Follow the four simple steps below to make your voice heard in this year’s election.

  • Step 1: Study Time.

Read up on the candidates. Check out the CAS Meet the Candidates page or the most recent issue of the Actuarial Review for candidate background information, position statements, 100 word descriptors, and answers to member questions. It’s important that you make an informed decision!

  • Step 3: Remind your actuarial colleagues and friends to vote by posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – today’s virtual “I Voted” sticker.
  • Step 4: Watch your email in September and the CAS Website for election results as the votes are tallied.

So Fellows, what are you waiting for? #CAStyourballot


About Wesley Griffiths

Wesley Griffiths is an actuary at Travelers based in Saint Paul, MN. He is a strong advocate for diversity within the actuarial profession and currently serves as a member of the CAS Leadership Development Committee.

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