Survey: Are You Thinking Outside the Triangle?

HiRes175At the CAS Centennial Celebration and Annual Meeting, Don Mango, Dave Clark, Jim Guszcza and I are presenting a session called “Reserving for the Next 100 Years: Thinking Outside the Triangle.”

We’re going to talk about whether we’ve been innovative in reserving, and it’s quite debatable. On the one hand, the CAS has over 400 papers on different reserving methods in our online database. That’s a lot given the size of our profession. On the other hand, we may all be using the chain-ladder and Bornhuetter Ferguson-type methods in practice.

We’d love your thoughts on these two opposing views.

You can tell us by filling out this short, seven question survey and we’ll weave your responses into our presentation:

Thank you, and we hope to see you in New York City!


About Jessica Leong

Jessica Leong, FCAS, is Immediate Past Chair of the CAS Board of Directors.