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About William J. "Bill" Davis

William J. "Bill" Davis is a regional representative for the Insurance Information Institute based in Atlanta. He is responsible for Institute activities in a number of southeastern and south central states. He has been with the I.I.I. since 1982, first as a regional manager and currently as a representative/consultant. Prior to joining the Institute, he served as a regional manager of corporate communications for United Airlines, as a city government Public Information Officer and as a radio and TV news reporter and anchor.

Emerging Concerns of Workers Compensation for Insurers and Actuaries

A concurrent session at the CAS Annual Meeting in November 2016 explored the impact of the costs of prescription drugs on workers compensation (WC) medical costs, including: the estimated accident year 2014 prescription drug share of WC medical costs, the impact of price and utilization changes on prescription drug costs, the potential drug cost savings … Read more »