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About Cheri Widowski

Cheri Widowski is the Research Manager for the Casualty Actuarial Society.

Inside the Latest Edition of the CAS E-Forum

The Summer 2014 – Volume 2 edition of the CAS E-Forum contains five reserves papers written in response to a call for papers issued by the CAS Committee on Reserves (CASCOR). “Combining Estimates,” by Tom Struppeck, provides a methodology for combining two or more estimates into a single estimate. In “The Analysis of ‘All-Prior’ Data,” … Read more »

CAS Restructures the Reserves Call for Papers

In this CAS Roundtable blog post we will explore the new opportunity open to CAS members to share non-technical papers with the CAS community. The CAS conducts call paper programs to enhance the literature on a specific topic, with finished papers published in the E-Forum. The Committee on Reserves conducts a call paper program every … Read more »