My 2022 Goals as CEO

As I begin my third year as chief executive officer of the CAS, I cannot express how much growth, energy and collaboration I have experienced over the past two years. When I look back at the start of 2020 and 2021, I think about how excited I was for the upcoming year and the possibilities it held for the CAS. 2022 is no different.

Transparency has always been important to me and I plan to continue to share the things that I find important with all of our stakeholders. So below, I’m sharing my 2022 goals, which were adopted by the Board in December.

Goal 1: Building Skills for the Future

My first goal supports Pillar 1 of our Strategic Plan and will be supported by the continued roll out of aspects of our Admissions Transformation Plan. This year I’ll be working with our admissions, professional education and publications departments to bolster resources for members and candidates in the areas of business and communication skills and predictive analytics, and more specifically, producing new content outlines for MAS Exams I and II. We’ll also innovate our delivery of education by introducing new micro-learning courses.

Goal 2: CAS Member Engagement Campaign

In my experience, CAS does better than most associations in engaging with its members, but there is always more we can do to involve the members in the direction of the Society. A good recent example is the exposure of a draft revision to the CAS DE&I Strategy and invitation for member feedback on the draft for Board consideration as it finalized the strategy. In 2022, I’m charging our entire staff to test a broad set of tools, techniques, and communication tactics to create awareness of strategic issues and provide a voice to members on those issues. We are aiming to identify opportunities for volunteer leaders and members to engage in new ways.

Goal 3: Continued Implementation of Volunteer Staff Model

One of the most important innovations developed during my tenure is the new volunteer staff model. We have created a structure that strengthens the partnership between volunteer and staff and empowers both in a way that plays to their strengths. This year I aim to strengthen the new model by working with staff and volunteers to understand  which parts of the new model are working well and which require improvement. With that knowledge we can begin identifying new volunteer opportunities and better aligning those opportunities with the interests and passions of CAS members. Such activities will also open the door for new volunteers to get involved and to bring fresh ideas and perspective to current and future CAS initiatives and projects.

Goal 4: Diversifying the Pipeline & International Outreach

Goal 4 is one we have paid steady attention to over my past two years, as it is essential to our growth. In 2022, we will be dedicating a lot of time to the youngest members of our pipeline –students, with plans for Be An Actuary Month in February and an enhanced CAS Student Central Summer Program . On the international front, we’ll be creating more tangible programs to increase the CAS’s global recognition, such as an Inaugural China Annual Meeting and CAS International Day.

Goal 5: Run the Business

As CEO, I have primary responsibility for the operations of the CAS, so in 2022 I will naturally have a focus on “running the business.” This includes oversight of finances and finding new revenue streams in 2022, as well as continuing to build up our staff’s capabilities. In addition, I’ll be looking to build external relationships with other organizations in our immediate ecosystem and beyond.

I would like to encourage any readers with comment or questions about anything detailed above to comment and share their thoughts. I’d also like to wish everyone a happy new year and an exciting 2022!