Join the Diversity Impact Group to Contribute to our DE&I Efforts

This summer has seen a lot of activity related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts within the CAS and the broader actuarial profession, and there’s much more on the way.

CAS members have a strong passion for DE&I issues, and we are aware of growing interest among members to get involved with this work. That is why we have created a new “micro-volunteering” opportunity for CAS members – the Diversity Impact Group (DIG). Unlike the standard committee structure, with monthly meetings and limited capacity for members, the DIG will share information on low commitment/high impact volunteer opportunities with members via email as they arise. As examples, we may call for volunteers to speak to underrepresented students at High School Actuarial Days, give presentations and lead roundtable discussions on DE&I topics at a CAS meeting, or provide us with ideas for potential speakers and topics. The DIG is also a forum in which volunteers can share ideas, best practices or constructive criticism related to DE&I within the actuarial profession, to be addressed by the CAS or the Joint CAS/SOA Committee on Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity (JCIED). For those interested in more traditional committee work, DIG members may be invited to join JCIED working groups as openings become available.

CAS Members can add themselves the Diversity Impact Group at any time. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the CAS Online Community at
  2. Sign in with your password
  3. In the COMMUNITIES menu, select ALL COMMUNITIES
  4. Locate the Diversity Impact Group in the list and select JOIN

If you need assistance with joining DIG, feel free to contact Margaret Kerr at  

Even with the CAS working hard on DE&I goals, we recognize that our organization can and must do more to address persistent inequities within our profession and our industry.


About Mallika Bender

Mallika Bender, FCAS, MAAA is a property & casualty actuary with experience in the United States and Australia. She is the CAS diversity, equity & inclusion staff actuary. Bender’s pronouns are she/her/hers.

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  1. avatar Mike Smith says:

    How does one join DIG?

    I already submitted the Survey.

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