Why the CAS Quinquennial Survey Matters to You!

Note: The deadline to complete the CAS Quinquennial Survey has been extended to Friday, November 17.

CAS Interviews Janet Lindstrom, FCAS, Volunteer Chair of the Member Advisory Panel Task Force to discuss the CAS Quinquennial Survey, currently open to all CAS members until Friday, November 3rd.

Q: Tell us about your role and history with the Member Advisory Panel (MAP) Task Force.

A: In 2017 I became Volunteer Chair of the CAS Member Advisory Panel Task Force, which serves as a resource to volunteer groups as they develop surveys. We review and test the surveys before circulation to members.

Our workload varies throughout the year, however every five years we are responsible for the development and analysis of a major member wide survey, the Quinquennial Survey.

Q: Can you please explain what the Quinquennial Survey is?

A: Absolutely! This is a survey that CAS has conducted every five years since 1993. It is circulated to all members, and covers an extensive range of topics including admissions, strategic direction, research, and many others. In addition to new questions added each time, by including similar questions between the surveys we can see how and where membership sentiment is changing which provides useful guidance for the CAS.

The Quinquennial Survey is currently open, with a closing date of Friday, November 3rd, and I encourage all members to complete the survey before the deadline!

Q: How is the Quinquennial Survey developed?

A: This is an effort that spans the entire organization. We start with the previous survey which is reviewed by Volunteer and Staff Chairs, Regional Affiliate Officers, the Board and Executive Council, and the MAP Task Force, for where new sections, questions, or changes are needed

The MAP Task Force then provides an edited version, based on the input received, to Association Research Inc. (ARI), the firm administering the survey, for their expertise in creating the final version circulated to members.

Q: Why should CAS members take the survey?

A: This is our chance, as members, to share our sentiments on topics that will impact the future of the CAS! The survey is closely reviewed by the MAP Task Force. We read every comment (which comes to us anonymously), and review every data point, and then work together to write a comprehensive report that offers specific recommendations to the CAS Board of Directors, based on what members are telling us.

It is essential that we receive responses from a wide array of perspectives, Associates, Fellows, New Members, Retirees, so we can ensure that our report reflects the views of all members. So, if you think you’re too new, or not familiar enough with all the topics, or whatever reason you may have for thinking your input isn’t important, I can assure you IT IS!

Q: How can members access the Quinquennial Survey before November 3rd?

A: If you haven’t yet responded to the survey, you should be receiving a notice with a personalized link from Association Research Inc. every Monday. If you did not receive this survey, please contact Office@casact.org.

Q: We understand this is your last year as Volunteer Chair of the MAP Task Force. Thank you for your dedication and leadership! Any final thoughts about this experience or the volunteers on this group?

A. The MAP Task Force volunteers are amazing! They have gladly volunteered knowing what they are getting into – that their responsibilities will include this large quinquennial survey in addition to preparing or vetting smaller surveys to be taken by the MAP volunteers or others. In fact, almost all of the volunteers from the 2018 survey are still part of the task force working on the 2023 survey because they believe so strongly in the importance of this survey to providing feedback to the CAS Board of Directors. Many thanks to all of the volunteers – job well done! I’d also like to thank Tamar Gertner and Mikey Bevarelli who have taken a significant role and done an amazing job in leading and preparing this year’s survey.

Thank You CAS Member Advisory Panel Task Force

Glenn Balling, Louis-Philippe Caron, Ginda Fisher, Denis Guenthner, Michael Henk, Dan Johnson, Rebecca Knackstedt, Pete Magliaro, Richard Moncher, Jeremy Pachtinger, Tracie Pencak, Stephen Prevatt, Bob Schutte, Brian Stoll.

Janet Lindstrom, Volunteer Chair, Mikey Bevarelli Staff Chair, Tamar Gertner, CAS Director of Engagement