CAS Unveils New Three-Year Strategic Plan

As many CAS members know, the CAS has officially unveiled its new Strategic Plan. This plan is the culmination of an extraordinary amount of careful thought, discussion and decision making. At the time I officially began my role at the CAS this past January, we could not have anticipated the enormous challenges this year would present. Something that did not change during this time, however, was our singular dedication to our work and to the members we represent. I worked alongside the CAS Board as we created a clear strategic vision for the next chapter of the organization; now, with this new direction, we are moving forward to ensure that the CAS has the structural and operational capabilities in place to meet this new era and Envisioned Future.

From my first days at the CAS, I have advocated for growth — not just in the number of candidates and members, but in the geographies that we serve and the international markets that we reach. We also need growth in the new talent that we are bringing into the profession as well as in the skills and talents of existing members. With that infusion of diversity and talent, the profession can grow into new and exciting areas to apply the actuarial skill set. The new Envisioned Future that the Board established reflects that same vision: CAS members are sought after globally for their insights and ability to apply analytics to solve insurance and risk management problems.

The Envisioned Future is supported by three pillars: Building skills for the future, Diversifying the pipeline and Expanding globally. These pillars will be upheld by building new capabilities among the CAS staff and volunteer workforce. We believe it takes audacity to try to change the actuarial profession and effective management to follow through. Staff and volunteers working together will dramatically improve the value that the CAS delivers to its members.

Change of this caliber will entail new levels of resources and support. It will require us to realign our operating model and staff/volunteer framework to meet these new demands and to best position us for this new future. Staff and volunteers will work together to improve our organizational and operational capabilities in a variety of key areas, such as expanding our commitment to staff professional growth; improving our technological infrastructure; developing clear procedures to measure, evaluate and communicate the impact of our work; and addressing new ways to foster innovation.

If this vision presents a bold new phase for CAS, then consider our Strategic Plan a jump-start into that new future: an aggressive period in which we will launch this important work with renewed vigor. I hope you will share my excitement as you read through the Strategic Plan and learn more about this thrilling new phase for the CAS. I believe that through the execution of our plans with the Envisioned Future in our sights, the CAS will continue to be an agile organization, recognized for its ability to disrupt and improve the insurance industry — and CAS members will continue to be revered for their innovation and expertise.