What is CAS Student Central and How Can it Benefit Your Future Employees?

When I decided that I wanted to pursue actuarial science back in 2006, student resources were scarce and expensive. In fact, I was the one that told my professor that the first exam was no longer calculus (and hadn’t been since 1999). On top of that, information about the property and casualty career path was not readily accessible on campus.

Now, thanks to CAS Student Central, a membership program for university students, there are a multitude of FREE resources out there for aspiring actuaries, and an increased awareness of the P&C industry!

The program was launched in 2014 with the goal of providing the tools and expertise for students to make the transition from the classroom to a career as a property and casualty actuary. Today, more than 8,000 students from over 500 universities worldwide have become members.

Now that we’ve covered what CAS Student Central is, let’s talk about what it offers to students, and how you can leverage and promote this program!

CAS Student Central provides several valuable resources to its members to ensure the greatest path to success in becoming a property and casualty actuary. Available resources include:

  • Access to Free Practice Exams and Predictive Modeling Software

Thanks to partners like The Infinite Actuary and Gross Consulting, we have been able to offer membership benefits like access to free practice exams, and predictive modeling software with accompanying training videos.

  • Free Webinars

We have a library of several recordings, taken from CAS Student Central webinars held throughout the year, that focus on student-specific topics such as “Predictive Analytics and Your Actuarial Career,” “Excel and R for Actuaries” and “Landing Your First Actuarial Job.” These webinars expose students to P&C topics and offer career guidance to help them become stronger job candidates!

  • Online Community

CAS Student Central features an online community where members can read blog posts and participate in various discussion topics. If you’d like to author a blog post, sharing  information about your career path, area of work, or another topic, let us know; we post two blogs each month! 

  • Scholarships and Internship Opportunities

There is a calendar of events detailing various actuarial scholarships and their deadlines for applications. Additionally, members can access the CAS Career Center where they can search for internships and jobs. Did you know that posting an internship for your company on the CAS Career Center is free? Increase the quantity AND quality of your internship applications by posting your openings on the CAS Career Center today!

  • Invitations to Networking Events and Student Programs

The CAS hosts free one-day student programs held in conjunction with its five largest annual conferences throughout the year. These programs include activities like speed networking, professional headshots and mock interviews, as well as deep-dive discussions into the P&C topics that align with each CAS seminar (ratemaking, reserving and reinsurance.) Student attendees have reported finding internships and full-time positions through these programs. Want to get involved in an upcoming program? Volunteer to present a session or participate as a program mentor.

  • And More!

Learn more about CAS Student Central and the resources provided at CASstudentcentral.org

Are you sold on CAS Student Central and all of the wonderful benefits that the program provides to actuarial students? Help CAS spread the word!

When attending a career fair or on-campus recruiting event, you can also promote CAS Student Central. CAS has printed marketing materials and giveaways that can be provided to you in time for your visit! Simply fill out the online request form and a CAS staff member will follow up with you directly.

Beyond the resources highlighted above, the CAS University Engagement Committee has developed case competition toolkits, off-the-shelf presentations on P&C topics, sample syllabi for ratemaking and reserving courses, and other materials that you’re welcome to take with you on campus, or use at your companies with interns and entry-level actuaries.

Still have questions about CAS Student Central? Email us directly at CASstudentcentral@casact.org



About Meghan Goldfarb

Meghan Goldfarb, FCAS, MAAA, CPCU, MBA, CSPA is Chair of the CAS Student Central Program. She works as Architecture Director-Business in the Enterprise Technology Department at State Farm.